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Not Sounding Good – and Episode 21 of Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres

I'm 6 seconds into the podcast when I realise the sound level indicator isn't reacting to my voice. I'm going out live and no one can hear me.

30 seconds of frantic menu opening and clicking options in OBS – the programme I use to interface with Facebook Live – and the problem is sorted – we have sound!

1 minute later Maggie comes into the room to tell me my voice is high pitched, like a tape that's speeded up.

At this point my brain reminds me I'd had a similar problem with my microphone on a Zoom call that morning. Why it hadn't reminded me before I started a live broadcast is anyone's guess, but I will be having stern words with it later about not pulling its weight and not being a proper team player.

Another minute is passing as I do more frantic menu opening and clicking options, and now my voice is being picked up by the webcam rather than the microphone. The sound quality isn't as good and there's a definite hiss in the background, but it's better than silence, or me sounding like I've been sucking helium from a balloon.

You'll be pleased to know I've edited out 3 minutes silence, squeaky voice and furrowed brows for the recorded YouTube version below.

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However after last night's fiasco I told Maggie there ought to be an alternative donation system called

I've looked.

There isn't.

Amazingly, no one has yet even bought the domain name!

Perhaps I should get it and try a different route to global domination...


0:00 - False start with high squeeky voice
0:30 - What's coming up
1:33 - Introduction to Soul Soup and issues of mental health
6:50 - The idea behind the "Everyday Superheroes" image<
19:45 - Critique of images submitted to the Facebook Group, "Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres"
1:07:05 - Coming up next week

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