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Spring Fling 2015 - Studio 29 on the Pink Route - Win a Photography Session

My image in the Spring Fling Brochure

There's an old saying in photography that the beginner thinks it's all about the camera; the more experienced thinks it's about technique; but the master knows it's about light.

Film Noir style is all about light and shadow

This weekend (Saturday 23rd to Monday 25th May) will be my 5th Spring Fling - the annual Open Studio event that takes place each year in Dumfries and Galloway, where over 90 artists and makers throw their doors open to the public.

In previous years I've printed up large framed versions of some of my best images and told people the stories behind their creations; I've taken photos of people smiling and staring into the camera; and I've even photographed visitors dressed up as Humphrey Bogart, complete with trench coat and trilby.

I'm Humphrey Bogart and So's my Wife

This year I've decided to do photography demonstrations throughout the weekend, showing how changing the light within a scene can dramatically alter the mood and emotion of an image.

My wee studio in the front room of our house is way too small to do this (and accommodate a stream of visitors at the same time), so I've changed my venue to a wonderful old church about 5 minutes walk down the road from where I live.

St John's used to be a fully operational Roman Catholic Church until they made the decision to sell it due to structural problems. The new owners did all the repairs and restored it, and now hire it out as a venue for anything you might want a large space for.

If at all possible, do come along and say hello.

And like last year, you can even enter a draw to win a photography session

Last year's winners decided to go for a Fred and Ginger theme


hope said...

Have fun! Looking forward to what you find.

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks Hope :)

neena maiya said...

I wish I could see Spring Fling in action...the visitors, the participants, the place.

Kim Ayres said...

Neena - Book your trip to Scotland to cover the last weekend in May :)

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