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The Cracked Man Live in Dumfries Town Centre

On Sunday, Marcus and I played under the Midsteeple in Dumfries Town Centre as part of the "In Our Town" summer festivities programme.

(Photos courtesy of Our Dumfries & Galloway -

It was a dry and mostly sunny day and we played our set twice - once at 1pm and again at 3pm, with a bit of time off in between to eat our sandwiches, chat and be treated to a coffee by our friend, Rachel.

Fueled by a double espresso, I was on fire for our second set - completely in the zone - and I felt it was one of my best performances to date.

It's just a shame Dumfries Town Centre tends to be virtually deserted on a Sunday afternoon...

(Photo courtesy of Kevin Sloan, KSS Images -


Kateri Von Steal said...

Great pictures! I love your Top hat. Very Steampunk of you!

And the final shot - no one there - followed by your final line of writing.

Just made the whole piece.

I wish you weren't a sea away - I wish you were within driving distance of NY.

Your vision for your photos - and the photographers you are friends with - is impeccable.

Klay and I get married in a month - and I wish I had as much confidence in the photographer we chose (we had to chose him long story) - as I do when I see your shots.

ACK. Sorry Bridal Venting!

Keep rocking out friend!

Hindsfeet said...

any more audio/video clips of you guys playing your stuff?

anyway, fun shot of you and your bazouki, m'dear! (sp?).....glad you guys are finding your groove and bringin' some good tunes to the world..... : )

Theanne Crossett said...

continue to make your music and your audience will find you :) BTW that top hat is outrageously cool!!!

Claire Tilley said...

Laughing… too funny.
Please post a video clip… would love to hear you performing.
I too think the hat is most awesome… but think the glasses are what makes it. Very steam punk…
Rock on...

hope said...

Since I'm always with you in spirit when you perform, I was sitting in one of those chairs. ;)

injaynesworld said...

Love those photos. You look very dapper. But why would you play there on a Sunday afternoon? LOL!

Attila the Mom said...

Look at you! So many talents!

Kim Ayres said...

Kateri - wishing you the very best for your forthcoming wedding! If you fancy flying me out, I'm sure I could do you some great photos :)

Liz - Marcus and I are currently working on a 3 track EP. Once it's ready it will be available to download and you can be sure I'll be putting all the relevant links on here :)

Theanne - we need to get our name out there so people can experience our superbness :)

Claire - sometimes it's all a bit Spinal Tap when you're playing in a band. If you click on "The Cracked Man" label - either on the sidebar, or at the bottom of the post, you'll find a post or two with videos of us playing. Sound quality isn't great, but it gives you an idea :)

Hope - do bring some friends next time... ;)

Jayne - it was part of a Town Summer Festivities programme designed in part, I think, to help bring in more people over the weekends. However, summer ended here about 3 or 4 weeks ago...

Attila - I just have 2 talents - Photography and music - but that's all I write about. There's a reason there are no posts on this site about putting up shelves or fixing car engines... ;)

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