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Journeyman Spectacular

I was delighted to be asked along to take some photos at the launch of Gavin Marwick's Journeyman Spectacular tour, which features Gavin along with 9 other extraordinarily talented musicians made up from about 5 different outstanding bands, including Bellevue Rendezvous and Old Blind Dogs.

Gavin Marwick is an incredible musician and composer. He has played around the world, composed literally thousands of pieces of music and, fortunately for me, lives just a few miles down the road.

He and his partner, Ruth, another immensely talented musician who plays the hauntingly beautiful instrument, the nyckelharpa, periodically come along to the folk sessions held fortnightly in a nearby pub. It's always a real treat when they do and as I sit there strumming along with my bouzouki, it often makes me feel I have one of the best seats in the house.

Gavin has played at The Mill Sessions a couple of times, once as part of Bellevue Rendezvous (click here for my post about it), and the other time as part of Up In The Air (click here for my post about that one).

He has recently released a double CD - The Long Road and Long Horizons - packed full of his songs, and an accompanying tune book "Horizons, Volume 1", which features about 200 of his compositions.

The tour promoting both book and CD kicked off in the village hall of Corsock - a tiny village in the Galloway Hills where the pub is also the post office. The hall fits less than 100 people and was sold out almost immediately, full to the brim of people who know them well and weren't going to pass up the rare treat of seeing them play locally.

Realising cramped conditions and low light would mean I was unlikely to get any stand-out shots of them performing, I also went along in the afternoon to get some candid shots while they were rehearsing.

It was a very dull and overcast day so there was little light in the hall, and I didn't want to be too conspicuous so as to interfere with the rehearsal, but at least I was able to move around a bit and pick the angles. Low light meant I had to whack the ISO settings up to the max and boost the brightness further in Photoshop while editing the images afterwards. However, once dropped into black and white they came to life, giving me quite a nice set of atmospheric shots.

Needless to say the gig was fantastic. When you're in the presence of world-class musicians, playing just a few feet away from you, it's quite electric.

Below are a few of the photos I took at the rehearsal and the gig. You can find the rest of them on Facebook here -

Gavin Marwick

Ruth's Nyckelharpa

Ruth Morris, Claire Mann and Jonny Hardie

The small but intimate Corsock Village Hall

Gavin Marwick and Cam Robson

Rest of this set of photos
Gavin Marwick
Bellevue Rendezvous
Old Blind Dogs
Aaron Jones and Claire Mann


Anonymous said...

Great photographs, Kim!

Kim Ayres said...

Allen - thank you :)

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