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Cover Design

Most photographers only hand out a limited number of prints and the client has to return every time they want another. This way, the photographer gains repeat income. Personally I couldn't be arsed with that approach. It's fiddly, it's sometimes embarrassing, but mostly it's no fun.

Because of the CFS I have a limited amount of energy I can put into my recently launched portrait photography business, so I'm damned if I'm going to spend much of it doing things I can't be bothered with. This business is being built entirely around who I am and what I enjoy.

I enjoy blethering with people and finding out more about them. I enjoy taking photographs. I enjoy playing with images on the computer.

I don't enjoy large amounts of admin, which doing prints for people one at a time would involve.

Consequently, one of the key aspects to this photography business is the fact I hand clients a CD of images after the session, for them to print, email or stick up on their blog, without needing further permission from me.

However, if I'm to hand people a CD, a scribble on a disc in a paper wallet doesn't look professional, so I needed to design a CD cover.

Remit to self: clean, simple, professional-looking, easy to print, reflecting the style created by the website

Problems to consider were:
  • Having a single image to sum up my photography would be impossible
  • Having several images would look cluttered
  • Having faces on the cover is only of interest to those who know and like the people the faces belong to
  • Having photos that aren't faces makes it look like I don't do portraits, which is the main thrust of my business
  • Having white writing on a black background, like my website, would use masses of ink every time I wanted to print one up.
So, after lots of beard pulling and computer crashes this was my solution:



savannah said...

pure class, sugar, well done! xoxo

Christina said...

Looks good!

PI said...

Savannah took the words out of my mouth - almost- which were 'very classy.'
I like hers better:)

Charlie said...

Classy with an edge.

hope said...

Very professional...although I had a moment when I wanted the photo of you "holding your face" in your hand added. Shows skill...and humor.

Best of luck!

Sarah said...

i dig it. howz things going with that anyway? great, i hope!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Fantastic design. Simple, effective, efficient. Definite class!

Kim Ayres said...

Savannah - thank you :)

Christina - thanks :)

Pat - it's all in the accent :)

Charlie - thank you :)

Hope - that might have scared too many people away :)

Sarah - the ball is rolling - business is coming in :)

FLG - thank you :)

Sayre said...

I like it!!!

Kim Ayres said...

Thank you Sayre :)

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