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Meeting V

The primary reason for me being at The Wickerman Festival was Scruffy Buzzards were playing there. However, a week or 2 beforehand, a wonderful, unexpected opportunity arose – it turned out one of my fellow bloggers listed over on the right of the page – V from Learning to Be Selfish - was also going to be there, and suggested we meet up.

I’ve only met a small handful of bloggers I didn’t know already, but each time it’s been like meeting up with an old friend. We might not have met in person before, but we have shared stories, life events and offered emotional support over the months and years.

V’s blog writing has become more sporadic over the past year or so, but when she turned up here commenting 3 years back, I went over to here site and was caught up in the depth of her writing. Deep, real emotions – she was writing not for an audience, but to unload.

Then, when I was trying to launch my Staring Back exhibition, V came to my rescue as a press agent – helping with press releases and making sure they were sent to the appropriate outlets. It was a huge help.

So I leapt at the chance to meet her in person.

And sure enough, it was like meeting up with an old friend.

I wasn’t sure about mentioning it here, as her blog is written for herself rather than to gain followers, but she has just posted up about our encounter, so I guess it’s OK to go public about it.

I know she plays the fiddle, although she didn’t bring it with her to The Wickerman. I’m hoping next time we meet we will be able to play a little music together.

If all goes to plan, I’ll be meeting up again with another very special blogger known to many of us. More on that in a few weeks time…


hope said...

How cool! Good for y'all!

I refer to them as non-family, family reunions. :)

Pat said...

I recognised her experience:)
Glad to know you haven't changed in the last three years.

Kim Ayres said...

Hope - that makes a kind of sense :)

Pat - oh you know - a little greyer, a little wiser, and a little shorter than my son...

Guyana-Gyal said...

I love the way how, despite this messed up world, we meet so many good / kind / helpful people via the Internet.

Kim Ayres said...

GG - I think blogging is a great one for finding the like-minded. People who turn up to our blogs and don't like our writing style or our personality, don't stick around. Quite simply there's far too much else to occupy their time on the Internet. So those who do take the time to comment and keep coming back are only those who have taken a liking to us - which greatly increases the chance of them being someone we would get on well with :)

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