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And the winner is...

A big thank you to Gillian, Pat, Mapstew, Eryl, Starrlife, V, Reading Teacher, Carole, Anez, Roschelle, Lee Ann, Savannah, Sausage Fingers, Jen, Jacqui, Chocolatesa, Hope, Jayne, Vicky, Sandy, Cheche, Kepa, Adila, Attila, Frankie, Litzi, Snoble24, Mary, Fay, Hindsfeet, Michael, Katie, Falak, Allen and Ché (hope I've not missed anyone) for all the well wishes, positive comments and blogging suggestions generated by my last post.

There were lots of good ideas, and when we add in the fact I am a complete sucker for flattery, and you only get your 5th blogging anniversary once, I've decided everyone's a winner.

So, to each of you mentioned above, even if you didn't actually suggest a topic, or you were late responding, drop me an email (address found on my profile) and let me know which image you'd like me to email you.

And over the next few weeks or months, I'll try and include as many posts as I can based on the suggestions left.


JRS said...

You are too kind Kim. This made my day, My MONTH! Yipee! Now the hard part begins. How do I pick?
Thank you so much,

Anonymous said...

Knowing what a wonderful writer you are my wheels are already turning for a subject. I'm a complete sucker for second chances.

mapstew said...

Ta pal! :¬)

Anez said...

WOW !!!!!! Thanks !!!:*

Lee Ann said...

That is mighty generous of you! Thank you.

Pat said...

I'm grateful to be included but i think I chickened out out suggesting anything and I have my own little store of your smashing photos so I'm one less to worry about:)

Chocolatesa said...

Thank you!

Falak said...

Yippeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! This is a the happy ending to the horribly bad day I was waiting for. Thanks a milion for making my day Kim.

Eryl Shields said...

Apart from being one of the (maybe even the) most honestly complex, authentic, and thus interesting people I've ever met you turn out to be the (or one of) most generous; thank you. I'm off to trawl red bubble, languorously.

hope said...

Wow! And I usually dred Mondays but you sure turned this one around!

What a nice guy you are. What? More flattery? Um...and you take wonderful photos. :)

Carole said...

Woo Hoo. I'm so excited. Of course I have company for several days as is my life but I will be looking for the perfect picture. You are a gem.

Anonymous said...

I think it's best to write (or make art) about something you know or are close to. I feel a good subject would be how you became a photographer and possibly also, how you became a blogger.

erika said...

I'm totally late to this, but happy blogoversary to you! And I'm so happy that I've intermet you!

litzi said...

Hi Kim,
You are indeed a generous person! Your posts are always a delight and now you’re rewarding us after having shared so much already? One thing that I truly appreciate is your ability to step outside the cliquishness that’s so prevalent in the blogosphere and embrace everyone...something that’s rare among bloggers. The coteries that are formed are a turn-off to those of us left on the outside looking in….

I’d enjoy reading more about your photography and slices of day-to-day life in Castle Douglas.

Alice said...

I can't believe I missed your blogiversary. I admit I came to you during your Blog of Note glory, because that was precisely the time I started my own blog. But I'm so glad I've stayed. I always enjoy my visits. (And I love your comments to Charlie!)

Ché l'écossais said...

Heh, I'm a devious little git.
I figured I'd get a pic even though I was late.
Rules ? Rules are for other people ! ;+P

Now I feel bad, so, I'll work something out before I ask for anything.

Watch this space.

TalesNTypos said...

OMG Kim,

You are too much.
I'm not going to decline though. Course not. :)

Now to survey those photographs. I think you might already know which one I'll request.

OMG OMG... how lucky.

Too generous. x

Anonymous said...

Feel totally lucky and I'll hop right on it! Wow! WooHoo!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Awww, you generous fellow you!

I have an image in mind too! I'll be emailing you!

Mimi and Tilly said...

Congratulations on your five years of blogging. I love your blog Kim and find the people who read your blog interesting folk too. Excuse me for a minute as I have a little blow out... Rats, my computer has been on the fritz, and I finally cracked into my email today to find your message about your blog giveaway, headed over here and founnd I'd missed it! Anyhoo, congratulations to your winners. :)

Sandy's witterings said...

Thanks Kim, here's a good excuse for me to go and revisit some of your old pictures.

Brave Astronaut said...

It occurs to me that I am coming up on my fourth blogiversary. I sometimes feel as if the trough is drying up, but I don't want to walk away just yet.

There's always recipes to post on Monday and as I have noted before, I always have several items sitting in my Google Reader that I hope to share with my limited readership.

Which, by the way, if I haven't said so, I appreciate the mention in your blog roll, that surely sends a person or two my way from your always interesting and fun blog.

Keep up the good work!

Kim Ayres said...

Jen - I'm interested to see which you'll choose :)

Mapstew - nae bother :)

Anez - have you chosen yet?

Lee Ann - Hope you like the one I sent :)

Pat - it's not a worry, and as my most prolific commenter, you are more than worthy of another one :)

Chocolatesa - you're welcome :)

Falak - still to hear from you which one you'd like :)

Eryl - blown away by that level of praise... it'll be interesting to see what you pick :)

Hope - I'm always a sucker for flattery :)

Carole - I'm looking forward to your choice :)

Allen - good suggestion, now let me know which image you'd like :)

Erika - given you've been covered in mucus for most of the past year, but still manage to come along and comment, I think you deserve an image if you want one - just let me know which you'd like :)

Litzi - your idea is mostly answered if you look under the label "Local" (or click this link)

Alice - Oh go onthen, send me an email - I'm feeling generous

Ché - I await with baited breath... :)

Adila - an unexpected choice, but I hope you enjoy it :)

Kepa - not received your request yet

Emma - you should have got my email, so do let me know :)

Sandy - hope I sent the right one :)

Brave Astronaut - go on then, I'll include you if you want an image, but you'll have to be the last one :)

Anonymous said...

Thank You! I'm deciding...

Anonymous said...

I've decided I'd like photograph wm05-800 in the "Building and Burning the Wickerman 2010" series, featured on your flickr account.
Thanks, Allen

pilgrimchick said...

Wonderful milestones! Congrats!

Kim Ayres said...

Allen - check your mailbox :)

Pilgrimchick - thank you :)

Jayne Martin said...

Swan In The Early Morning Mist - 3.

Now that was hard! Thank you so much my very talented friend.

Hugs, Jayne

A Daft Scots Lass said...

such a sweetie...

Kim Ayres said...

Jayne - check your email

Gillian - I do my best :)

Jacqui said...

Hi Kim, may I please have the bonus photo from your calendar - January 2010 of the very striking coastal scene - Jan-2010-rascarral.jpg


Kim Ayres said...

Jacqui - you'll need to email me your address then :)

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