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Over already?

Rogan went back to school today; the summer holidays are over.

It is wet, grey and miserable.

It’s the middle of August.

I’ve lived in Scotland just about half my life, but embedded in my soul since childhood is the idea that school, and thus the end of the summer holidays, doesn’t start until September.

Seeing all these kids walking around in their school uniforms, in the rain, makes me feel I’ve lost a precious month of the yearned for summer


Charlie said...

You're right. We used to start school after Labor Day (the first Monday in September and the "official" end to summer), and continue until the middle of June.

I hate it when they change tradition like that. Is nothing sacred any longer? [theatrical sigh]

PI said...

Poor Rogan. It doesn't seem fair.

hope said...

Thank you Charlie...I remember the same thing!

It's hard to be excited about a new school year when summer is still beckoning outside the door.

Rogan has my does his Dad. :)

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, this is our fifth year of living with the Scottish school calendar and it's only just starting to feel less wrong ('School? In August??).

savannah said...

it's funny. this is the first year that school is going to start in september which given the cost of air conditioning in the south makes so much sense! like charlie, i remember going back to school in september and being in school until mid june...days past, long gone. xoxo

Eryl Shields said...

I know exactly how you feel: a bit like needing to scratch an itch on an amputated limb.

mapstew said...

We've got another week and a bit to go here. I think my lot are ready to go back at this stage, the older two had three months off!

And the weather here is bloody miserable too!


Sayre said...

But when do they get out? Usually, when we start school early, we get out early too. Last year it started August 5th and got out May 25th. This year it starts on August 24 and doesn't get out until mid-June. This was actually a pretty long summer for us!

Brave Astronaut said...

Growing up, school always started on the Wednesday after Labor Day (the first Monday in September), in the US.

It softened the blow to know that you didn't have to go back to school until after the "unofficial" end of summer.

Although it was most certainly hot the week you had to go back to school and in those days before A/C, it was really bad.

So I'm right there with you.

C in DC said...

That's just wrong. School shouldn't start until September. I think it starts next week here in DC - it's still too hot in my opinion.

Good luck to Rogan on another successful year.

Bella said...

my teen has been in school since the second week of August, it's nuts how early they have to go back.

Stinkypaw said...

I see I'm here late 'cause Charlie wrote was I had started to write.

Please note though (no offense Charlie!) that I'm not as old as he is, but it was like that for us too! ;-)

Best of luck to Rogan for her new school year.

Kim Ayres said...

Charlie - middle of June? You got longer off in summer than us then - we didn't break up from school until the middle of July

Pat - he's never known any different, having grown up in Scotland. Likewise it doesn't seem odd to Maggie.

Hope - it was hard to be excited about school ever, when I was a kid. Hated the place. One of the happiest days of my life was the day I left

Rachel - welcome to my ramblings and thanks for taking the time to comment. I think if you're in Scotland for another 50 years, it still won't feel right

Savannah - opposite problem here - there is no air conditioning in Scottish schools - it's the heating bills they're more concerned about

Eryl - that's a good analogy - feeling uncomfortable in an area of the past that can no longer be accessed

Mapstew - My stomach still, lurches at the idea of going back after the holidays. I have to keep reminding myself I'm 42 and don't have to go back

Sayre It's usually the end of June - summer holidays are 6 or 7 weeks in the UK

Brave Astronaut - unfortunately in Scotland the end of August can feel quite Autumnal too

C in DC - thanks :)

Bella - mind you, there's something t be said about getting teens back out of the house as fast as possible...

Stinkpaw - that's the problem with being a blogger with a pseudonym - unless you're open about your age most people will think you're older than you are :)

francis mahon said...

I kind of look forward to the end of the school holidays Seems to me that the weather here in Ireland always seems to be good the first week of the state exams in June, and the first week of September when the kids are just back in school...

Khanh Ha said...

I'm all for the yearned for summer. I think we yearn more as we get older.

Kim Ayres said...

Francis - you know, I think you could be on to something there...

Khanh Ha - welcome to my ramblings and thank you for taking the time to comment :)

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