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Interviewed by a Butler

I've just been interviewed by a Butler for his YouTube Channel!

A few years back I met Simeon Rosset of Rosset Bespoke Butlers.

He'd learned and honed his skills for several years at Leeds Castle and was now hiring out his services for events such as exclusive gatherings, weddings, and shooting parties, and could be found butlering anywhere from Scottish castles to European palaces to Super yachts.

He'd also started a Butler School, training people up to the high standards required and it wasn't long before we started talking about a promotional photo shoot.

We ended up doing this out at Craufurdland Castle with the current descendants/owners/custodians - Simon and Adity Houison Craufurd and their two daughters.

When Covid hit, like me Simeon decided to look to video options for his social media presence. But rather than a live podcast he began introducing people to the different aspects of being a butler – from tips on how to serve wine, to polishing silver, to a bluffer's guide to brandy.

More recently he's begun a series of interviews – from private chefs to bodyguards, and now me!

Here's the interview (done via Zoom, of course), but do check out Simeon's YouTube Channel:
for a fascinating insight into a completely different kind of life.


Viji said...

Hello Kim.. Watched half the interview in the morning and watched the whole again. Lots and lots of information, I was able to gather. I loved the part where you talked about the paintings and the objects deliberately placed near the models and the scratches that served as codes. Never knew about those. I now realise it is true, even in India this is common in Ravi verma's paintings. Amazed at this info. This photograph is one of my favourite of yours and I enjoyed you both talking about the experience. Thanking you both for such a delightful experience and I truly wish to see more narrative photographs of yours.

Kim Ayres said...

Viji - thank you for your kind words and continued support :)
The hidden language in art is something I find fascinating, so it's also something I like to introduce to clients. It doesn't have to be anything deep, mysterious or even symbolic, but placing extra items into a scene that aren't necessarily obvious, but have meaning to the client, can add an extra dimension to their experience of being photographed :)

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

I'm here, reading and lapping it all up......the art, the stories in your photos.

And now, I've discovered the butler!

This is why I still like blogging. It's such a soft, quiet space.

Kim Ayres said...

Neena - one of the side effects of the change in the world due to Covid is of course that I started the podcasts. But a side effect of that is it's got me blogging again - at least once a week, but sometimes with extra posts in between.
It would, of course, be lovely if they were more widely read, but it has reminded me of why I used to enjoy it so much.
FB is so dominant. And while it has its uses and benefits, you're right - it isn't a soft or quiet space.

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