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Anniversaries, Vaccines, and Episode 50 of Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres

Episode 50 felt like a bit of a milestone – half a hundred episodes!

Considering when I began I thought I would try it for 3 months – so had to think what I would discuss for the following 13 weeks – the idea I might reach episode 50 was too distant and strange to think about.

But while I thought about marking the occasion, I realised if I am going to celebrate I may as well leave it another 3 weeks, when we hit the 1st anniversary of the Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres live video podcasts.

I feel I ought to do something special for it – some kind of challenge perhaps, or review. I'm not completely sure yet. Last night I asked the viewers to send me their ideas, so I'll just have to see if any suggestions turn up. But if you have any thoughts, do put them in the comments.

Tomorrow – March 18th – marks another anniversary – the point where we went into Lockdown a few days before the rest of the country did officially.

A couple of days before we'd decided not to proceed with the launch of my daughter, Meg's, gluten-free baking business, Megalicious, planned for March 21st which is also World Down Syndrome Day.

At that time, we thought it would be postponed until mid to late summer 2020.

Not long after, we realised that actually we were going to be in this for the long haul. Meg's Down's Syndrome makes her extremely vulnerable to the effects of Covid, while Maggie and I both have other conditions that put us at risk. So each time the governments started "easing restrictions", it made no difference to us. We knew we wouldn't really be able to move in the world again until a vaccine was available.

Later today I get my first jab. Meg had hers 4 weeks ago and Maggie a week later. Both felt pretty awful the following day, but were fine by the day after, so I'm not planning on doing anything much tomorrow.

Another 12 weeks or so until the 2nd shot, then 2 or 3 weeks for it to come up to full efficiency.

So around the end of June or early July we should be able to start taking our first tentative steps back into the world of hugs, meeting friends and family for coffee, and photo shoots I can do indoors.

It's a strange mix of hope and fear.

Meanwhile, enjoy episode 50 below!


0:00 - Welcome, what's coming up, greetings and comments
7:15 - Introduction to The Open Book in Wigtown
10:18 - Photo shoot in The Open Book
29:30 - Introduction to the idea of the Critique section
31:29 - Critique of images submitted to the Facebook Group, "Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres"
1:23:15 - Coming up next week
1:41:00 - End

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