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Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres - Episode 3 – Will it get any easier?

I had hoped that my nerves would be calmer at the introduction of Episode 3.

After last week's look of terror on my face, which caused me to re-record the opening section for the YouTube version, I decided it was OK for me to look at my notes rather than try and remember the intro text and then panic when I couldn't.

Even so, I still started to introduce myself as a portrait and landscape photographer...

Face palm.

Once I'm into the flow then mostly I'm fine. If I can just talk the way I would talk to anyone, then I'm much more relaxed. It's just getting past the bit where I *have* to get the words right – that's when I collapse under the pressure.

But really, what pressure?

At the moment I the live sessions on Facebook average about 20 people, maybe less. And while the statistics say it's had 350 views, it also says most of them were for less than one minute.

This is not national TV with millions of viewers.

But I suppose it wouldn't really make any difference if it was 20 people or 20 million people – I just want to get it right. I don't have a boss, or a producer leaning over me, so the pressure comes entirely from within.

I guess, though, if I didn't have that bit within me that strives to get it right and keep improving, I'd never have become self employed in the first place.

So here is Episode 3 of Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres. In this episode I talk about the shoot I did with Blood Bikes, and the power of diagonals when you're composing your photos, as well as the Critique section where I offer feedback and advice for people to improve particular images.

This is the YouTube version, where I've cut out a couple of the longer pauses when I was caught up in the technicals.

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0:10 - Messing up my introduction
1:02 - Story behind the photo shoot for Dumfries & Galloway Blood Bikes
19:10 - Introduction to Diagonals in composition
25:30 - introduction to Dynamic Tension
33:00 - Critiques of submitted photos

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