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New Magazine-style Blog Layout

With a backlog of over 1,040 posts, spanning more than 12 years, I've often felt the layout of my blog was limited.

I know regular visitors will only be interested in the latest entry, but for newcomers there are all sorts of gems hidden in the archives which, unless you know exactly what you're looking for, would never be discovered.

My series of interviews with some amazing photographers, for example (under the heading "Chasing Shadows"), include some of the posts I am most proud of.

I also know there are some readers who are less interested in my photography but love the stuff about my family, or are curious about my daughter's Down's Syndrome, or wonder how ME/CFS has impacted on my life.

For a while I've been aware of "magazine-style" layouts for blogs, but finding the time to investigate suitable templates - and then figure out how to install them - has taken a while. And even though I'm reasonably web-savvy, it's still taken me the best part of 2 days to get this far.

However, for the moment I quite like how the new layout looks. There's plenty to explore and easier access to some of the key themes than ever before.

Do dive in and have a rummage around and, if you have a moment, let me know your thoughts about the new look in the comments. Does it excite you with possibilities for your own blog, or does it make you want to run away screaming...?


Eryl said...

Looks great, Kim. One day I'll have a really good rootle around, I keep thinking I'll get back into blogging – both reading and writing –
but fail to organise my time satisfactorily. Yesterday I changed my template without the slightest thought for ramifications, today I will have to do a lot of tidying up and reinserting!

savannah said...

WOW! Very sleek and sophisticated looking, Kim! the most that I can accomplish is just changing the template! Well done, you! xoxo

Kim Ayres said...

Eryl - I think with all the distractions of other social media, keeping the blogging going can be extraordinarily difficult. Even worse if you left it - it becomes nigh on impossible ti start up again. I'm very aware that back in the first couple of years I was writing on average about 3 posts a week, now I'm lucky if it's once a month.

Savannah - but as Eryl pointed out, each time you update the template, you then have to tidy up all the customisations you've done, and that bit can take way longer! :)

hope said...

Sorry, late to the party. :)

Funny, the first thing I thought was, "This is so KIM!" It is a wonderful space for your words and photos. The look reminds me of all the magazine covers you've had and I know I'll still find your words inside. Well done!

eroswings said...


I came over from Savannah's to visit and check out your blog. The layout looks very well put together, chic and stimulating. Congratulations on a job well done and for still blogging and sharing your thoughts and craft with us. Cheers and Best Wishes for many more years of art, music, good company and good times.

Kim Ayres said...

Hope - you're never too late. There's always a place at the table for you, no matter what time you arrive :)

Eroswings - welcome to my ramblings and thank you for your kind words :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, indeed! Savannah sent me - and i'm glad she did! It is a very inviting style, and i'll wander back to root around a bit! Cheers!

Kim Ayres said...

Welcome Dasiyfae! Feel free to rummage through the categories and tags, and if you find a post you like, comments are always welcome :)

Jonathan Chant said...

Looks good, Kim.

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks Jonathan :)

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