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A Manfrotto Something...

“It’s here!”

“What is?”

“My prize!”

“What prize?”

“The one for the butler pic I put into the Photocrowd competition!”

“What is it?”

“A Manfrotto something...”

“What ‘something’? Don’t you know what you’ve won?”

“I can’t quite remember… it was a couple of months ago I entered. The box says Manfrotto on it.”

“Well what do Manfrotto make?”

“They’re mostly known for their camera tripods, but I don’t think that was the prize…”

“There’s an easy way to find out.”


“Why don’t you just open the box?”

And so it was that I discovered I’d won a pretty nifty Manfrotto RedBee-210 backpack designed specifically for travelling with your camera gear, with plenty of room for camera, lenses, batteries and even a small laptop and tablet.

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A couple of months ago, I saw a photo competition at, in association with PhotoPlus Magazine, called “Time for Tea.” I decided one of the images from the Craufurdland Castle shoot would be my best shot, and duly entered it.

Just before Christmas I was delighted to discover I’d actually won!

And the prize arrived this morning.

It’s the perfect size for cabin luggage when you’re flying, which would have ideal when I went to Morocco back in November.

However, the timing is still isn’t bad as my current camera bag is feeling its age and the stitching is coming loose on one of the shoulder straps.

Thank you Photocrowd, PhotoPlus, and Manfrotto!


Eryl said...


savannah said...

Well done, you! xoxoxo

(thanks for visiting and leaving a hug!)

Allen Capoferri said...

That is cool. Congratulations.

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks Eryl, Savannah and Allen! I'm chuffed :)

Pat said...

Nice. The proof of the pudding will be when you actually use it.
One tends to cling to the scruffy tried and tested old friend. Well done :-)

Kim Ayres said...

Pat - I know what you mean - there's a tendency to cling on to stuff long past its actual usefulness, until we're pretty much forced to. In a similar vein I recently bought myself a new car, as the previous one was 12 years old, had done over 150,000 miles, and had large rust holes in the wings. Not great for the image when turning up to photograph clients. However, after 12 years I was completely attached to it, so it was only when it became completely clear the money I would have to spend to keep it on the road another year would be far better spent on another vehicle, that I finally decided to get myself a new one.

I am enjoying my new Mini though :)

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