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Man in the landscape

Allan Wright is a landscape photographer.

A real one.

My landscape photos are generally taken within 10 metres of where ever I've parked my car, at a time of day convenient to me. Allan, on the other hand, will camp overnight on a hilltop to be up at 4am in order to catch the rising sun hitting a distant mountain. It's a different level of commitment.

Needless to say his landscape photos are considerably better than mine.

But it's not just that he's prepared to get up earlier than me, and study weather patterns to understand when the lighting is going to be ideal, he also has a feel for it all. He immerses himself into his subject. He will walk for miles across heath and heather, cycle over moors and through valleys, and camp in remote places which few people other than the landowner and a few sheep are likely to know about.

Needless to say he's considerably fitter than me too.

I've heard it said 60 is the new 40. I hope so. With my 50th looming next month I'm beginning to experience all the symptoms of (yet another) mid-life crisis. But Allan kind of embodies the idea. Now into his 60s he reckons he's fitter than he's ever been, and this was demonstrated when he recently did a triathlon.

It began with a 1.5km swim - twice across Loch Ken and back - followed by a 40km cycle around Loch Ken, and topped off with a 10km run. Any one of those makes me feel exhausted just thinking about it, let alone doing all three consecutively. But not only did he complete it, he knocked half an hour off his previous best time.

Although I wasn't able to accompany him the entire journey, I did take some photos of Allan when he set off for the swim and as he cycled round Loch Ken.

Allan raised over £500 for Marie Curie Cancer Care in the process. If you'd like to contribute to his JustGiving page, follow this link -


Pat said...

Good lad Allan. Let that be an inspiration to you. Nothing to do with photography - I know you go the extra mile - but keeping fit. Fifty is no age but it was round about when I took keeping fit seriously and it has paid off. Next month my eldest will be 60 - I really don't feel old enough :-)

Kim Ayres said...

Pat - you're not a day over 23 really, though.

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