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Photographing Finding Albert at Springkell Castle

Finding Albert are a locally based band that have been making waves much further afield over the past few years. Regularly playing around the UK, they even did a wee Australian tour last year.

We started chatting about doing a photo shoot over 2 years ago, but for one reason or another the timing has never really worked out. However, a couple of months back lead singer, Robert, got in touch to discuss ideas. They were looking for more than just 5 blokes in front of a garage door (typical indie-band shot) and were after something a bit more theatrical.

As ideas began to take shape, they managed to secure the use of Springkell Castle - a wonderful old mansion originally built in the 18th Century and then updated and added to by successive descendants and owners.

The weather looked good for the chosen evening so initially we thought about doing an outdoor shoot. The guys even brought along some manikins to give it a slightly more surreal feel.

Unfortunately we were a bit later getting everyone there and organised than planned, so the sun had just started disappearing round the side of the building and we lost the light. I played with off-camera flashes for a short while, but wasn't able to capture what I'd envisaged, so we headed indoors.

The most obvious place to set up was the rather grand entrance hall with its wood panelling, marble pillars and tiled floor.

Although once Mark discovered the tricycle, it proved almost impossible to get him off it...

To create the lighting effect I wanted, I set up 2 strobes - one in the main foyer and one on the other side of the arches.

I have to say the guys were really easy to photograph. They all knew how to adopt the mean and moody look for the camera, and yet off-camera they were warm friendly, helpful and not the slightest hint of any diva-like attitude.

Here are a couple of the final images:


Pat said...

And the winners are - I decided when I saw the first line up - 2 and 5. I love the indolence and relaxed feel of two and five is great for the group.
These artistes - can they never be on time!

hope said...

I liked the last one best also. Sort of symbolic of the free spirited nature of artists...with a pinch of child thrown in. :)

Unknown said...

You have a lot of patience. But a great ability to turn challenges into triumphs.

Kim Ayres said...

Pat - The only one who was on time was the one who got a lift with me :)

Hope - a tricycle always helps for a pinch of child :)

Carole - I only put the triumphs online - unless the disasters make for a better story ;)

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