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And so it begins...

Tomorrow morning, Spring Fling 2011 Open Studio event begins.

10,000 little things have needed sorting, fixing, abandoning, replacing and inventing new ways of dealing with, in order to have any chance of coping with the hundreds of people expected to come through the doors over the next 3 days.

I've just deleted a 2,000 word rant about Hewlett Packard, because once I read it back I thought it was just too depressing. Let's just say I will never, ever, ever, ever again buy an HP Printer.

So, as well as me doing my photography, Maggie has her studio open over in the neighbouring town of Kirkcudbright.

Tomorrow is also Castle Douglas Food Town Day, and in order to raise money for his ticket to the "T in the Park" festival, Rogan has restarted his home-baking business. Having finished his final Standard Grade exam yesterday lunchtime, he's been non-stop baking since. The house is now overflowing with cupcakes, scones and cookies, none of which are we allowed to touch.

We are all stressed out and exhausted, and the long weekend hasn't even started yet.

Underneath all the fear and anxiety, however, is also excitement. The chance to photograph scores of different faces, meet lots of people and raise the profile of my photography, is a wonderful opportunity. And once the weekend is complete, I'm really looking forward to seeing what my studio will look like with the walls plastered with all these different faces.

If you are in the area on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, then do call in and get your photo taken, or visit Maggie and see some new artworks never before shown, kept back specially for the Spring Fling Weekend. And if you're near Castle Douglas on Saturday morning, then go and get yourself a melt-in-the-mouth home-baking delight from Rogan's stall on the (closed off) main street.

Websites to visit:
Spring Fling -
My site -
Maggie's site -


Carole said...

I hope you all do well and wish I was there to sample Rogan's goodies.

Have a great weekend. I look forward to seeing the pics you will be taking. You have such a unique eye for the unusual.

TalesNTypos said...


All the best with everything. Wish I could come visit.

Stop teasing us with Rogan's cupcakes. Mmm. :-P

Titus said...

That's so tempting! Ah, which route to choose?
Best of luck to all of you.

Pat said...

Hope you all have a good sleep tonight and that all goes swimmingly.
Try to pace yourself.

mapstew said...

Good luck to all! :¬)

hope said...

Best wishes (and a nap) for you all!

Why do I suddenly have an urge to bake and take photos of it? :)

angryparsnip said...

Hope it is a wonderful weekend for you, Maggie and Rogan.

Remember to breathe !

cheers, parsnip

debra said...

I so wish we lived closer! I am sending you wishes for a great weekend.
And, by the way, I concur about HP. They are somewhat proprietary, too. We don't buy their stuff any longer, either.

Attila The Mom said...

Sending all my best thoughts and wishes.

Your work is brilliant, Kim. You have a tremendous talent.

Keep that in mind through the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun (and work). Wish I was there. At least we see photos of the event on those sites. Maybe get a glimpse of Rogan's new coiffure. Epson printers. That's the name.

Mrs. Pickle said...

This is my first time on your blog. I have a question for you.

Do woman ever ask you to talk dirty to them in your Scottish accent? Do they ever say, “Tell me what you want to do to me and how hard, you dirty Scottish bastard!"?

Mary Witzl said...

Yay -- we'll be there Kim, if all goes well. See you soon -- and hang in there!

Mary Witzl said...

Just have to add that Mrs. Pickles' comment cracks me up. Your Scottish accent -- (wiping the tears from my eyes).

Anonymous said...

I would love to be see and enjoy your families accomplishments! Have an enjoyable weekend...hopefully with the least amount of stress possible! Ride that wave of excitement!

erika said...

This is so exciting! I wish I could be there! I'm hoping for a detailed account of how it went though. Pretty please? You should take some pictures of Rogan's pastries and have us all salivate over them :)

Guyana-Gyal said...


I hope you all have fun because when you enjoy what you're doing, everything just feels wonderful.

Rogan's learnt well from his parents, hasn't he?

Waiting patiently to see photos...

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks to each of you for your support.

And no, Mrs Pickle, no one has ever asked me to say anything in a Scottish accent, as it would just embarrass everyone.

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