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Tawona and Ernest

Continuing the arrangement with The Bakehouse, in Gatehouse of Fleet (you might remember me writing about it when I photographed Bashabi a few weeks ago), on Saturday past I was invited to photograph guest poet, Tawona Sithole, and his brother, Ernest.

The brothers are based in Glasgow, though they’re originally from Zimbabwe. Along with artist, Tarneem Al Mousawi, they founded a group called "Seeds of Thought" combining poetry, music and art.

They took to the camera well, quite quickly overcoming any apprehension.

Although, they didn’t always find it easy to keep a straight face

They also play mbira (sometimes known as a thumb piano), which has quite an amazing sound.

Between The Bakehouse and The Mill Sessions, I’m getting to meet some really interesting people. It’s just as shame I only get to spend an hour with them.

For those on Facebook, you can find more out about Seeds of Thought here:


Sandy's witterings said...

Good grief! Gatehouse is rapidly becoming the cultural centre of the county.

angryparsnip said...

Quite wonderful.

cheers, parsnip

hope said...

I love that "mini-series" of photos.

1. Look at the man with the camera.
2. Are we sure we want to have our photos taken, Brother?
3. Yes. Smile for the nice man.


Your job is cooler than my job. At least you give me something to look forward to. :)

Pat said...

Not easy getting two people right at the same time. Excellent Kim.

Carole said...

Great pictures.

erika said...

How exciting! I LOVE the pictures of the brothers looking at each other.

Sausage Fingers said...

The third picture of the hands is brilliant, nice one.

Anonymous said...

I too love the hands but your faces are always interesting to look at! They look like cool guys! I grew up with that instrument and we called it a kalimba.

Jayne said...

Oh my gosh, those photos are just great. Had to laugh when they finally cracked those wide smiles! Wonderful. :-)

Anonymous said...

Grand can tell around their eyes and mouth that they want to laugh so bad and in photo 3 they let it all out. I enjoy the music of the "thumb piano"! What an interesting time you have taking these photos!

Ron said...

Par excellence on the portrait photography Kim! Par excellence!

Kim Ayres said...

Sandy - well Kbt is the Artist's Town, CD is the Food Town, and Wigtown is the Book Town. Perhaps Gatehouse needs to be the Getting Up on a Stage in Front of People Town...

Parsnip - thank you :)

Hope - change your job then :)

Pat - I didn't realise I was going to be photographing 2 people. Only Tawona was mentioned, so I got a surprise to find his brother was along and also involved. Fortunately the chemistry was there between them :)

Carole - thank you :)

Erika - I couldn't pick a favourite, which is why I had to put all three of them up :)

Sausage Fingers - thank you :)

Starrlife - according to Wikipedia, the kalimba is a modernised version of the mbira

Jayne - :)

Theanne & Baron - I do love meeting new people. It's just a shame it's over so quickly.

Ron - thank you :)

Guyana-Gyal said...

I could see the laughter in their eyes in the first picture.

Are you a part of Seeds of Thought, displaying your photos? That would soooo cool, Kim!

I love African music, but we don't get enough here.

TalesNTypos said...

Ooh great pictures Kim. They look like rather good company. Infectious smiles for sure. Wonderful instrument there.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Looking again at the pics. I just realised how you've used their eyes...

Anonymous said...

Fun photographs.

Kim Ayres said...

Guyana-Gal - I'm afraid I'm not a part of Seeds of Thought - they are based in the big city over 2 hours away, but I like their idea :)

Adila - I just wish I had more time with them :)

Allen - thank you :)

Val said...

Wonderful photographs, Kim. I had the good fortune to be there at the Bakehouse that evening to see Tawona and Ernest perform. Tawona's poems were inspirational, heart warming, all performed from memory, straight from the heart. Hearing Tawona and Ernest play their instruments and sing was just gorgeous. I was transported. Your photographs have captured the essence of these two lovely guys.

Kim Ayres said...

Thank you Val. I take it you're local to this area - have we met?

Kim Ayres said...

Sorry Mark, didn't realise it was you cross-dressing ;)

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