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Much to my surprise, I still seem to be alive...

Spring Fling Weekend is over.

When I opened the door on Saturday morning, I had 8 photos on the wall - a few friends who'd been helping me dry-run my process, as well as my son and daughter. For the same reason a busker will put a few coins in his hat or cup before he plays, I wanted a few sample pics on the wall in order to remind the public they could contribute.

By the close of day, 141 people had come through the doors, 70 of them had agreed to be photographed, which meant I had added 54 more photos to the wall (some were photographed in pairs or threes).

On Sunday 115 people visited, 64 of whom had their photo taken, resulting in a further 48 photos being added to the walls

As I closed the door for the last time, on Monday, another 77 people had been in, with 38 having their photo taken and 27 more images put up.

I am now sitting in my studio with faces of every age, size and shape looking at me.

It worked.

And I didn't even have a coffee.

However, it might take me a while to recover and I think I'm going to be feeling a little fragile for several days to come.

Photos and stories will follow over the coming weeks.

Oh, and for those wondering about Rogan's progress - he almost completely sold out of his home baking, meaning he has finally raised enough money to pay off the last installment of his T in the Park ticket


Mrs. Pickle said...

I am confused as to what you are even talking about. About as confused I was the night I got shit faced drunk with my sister and she had to explain to me why fucking our neighbor or would not be a good idea.
Maybe I should go and read your profile so that way I can understand what the hell is going on. I think the reason why I even continue to follow is because you have a sexy goatee and a hot Scottish accent. Now please excuse me while I go put my panties back on.

Pat said...

High praise all round. You must be very tired but happy? Well done!
I wonder if Mrs Pickles is a relative of Wilfrid's?

Kim Ayres said...

Mrs Pickle - if you read the past few blog posts, it would be clear what I was up to. If you read a bit more about me, it would also be clear I do not have a Scottish accent. And if you read even more, it would be clear that this blog isn't one I use sweary language on.

If your intent is to shock, then spend a couple of hours on a blog I used to co-run called "Blunt Cogs" (found on the sidebar) and you'll see I'm used to a much higher standard of outrageousness than you are supplying.

If your intent is to flirt, then try subtlety, it works far better.

If your intent is to irritate, then I will just start deleting your comments.

Pat - I have a very high suspicion that Mrs Pickle is a hormonally active teenage boy trying to pretend to be what he thinks his fantasy woman would be like and have so far been singularly unimpressed.

However, pickles aside, thank you - I am very tired, but feeling amazed at just how much it has exceeded my expectations on several levels :)

Jayne Martin said...

Congratulations for just holding up. I'm sure you were running on adrenaline from the excitement of it all. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos and please extend a "good job" to Rogan, too.

debra said...

So glad it went so well for you and for Rogan.I've been thinking about all of you. How was Maggie's weekend?
I look forward to seeing the photos.

As for pickles, perhaps the less said, the better.

savannah said...

sounds as if everything was more than marvelous, sugar! looking forward to seeing pics and hearing more! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Ahh...time to relax after a job well done.

angryparsnip said...

Sounds like your idea was a huge success !
I am looking forward to the photos and hearing about the reaction from you and the visitors.

Now put those feet up and enjoy some down time !

cheers, parsnip

Mrs. Pickle said...

Kim, I was only joking around with you. Obviously I have offended you. No need to delete my comments, for this will be my last time on your blog.

Sandy's witterings said...

Jings Kim, I seem to be doing an awful good job at miss these things at the moment - all at sea again.

At least I see from the what's happening in Kirkcudbright calender that there are other WASPS open studio events planned for the year - bound to catch at least one of them.

No doubt we'll see the product of the weekend appearing here soon.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Every time I read about Spring Fling, I get real happy and want to run out and DO!

I'm still trying to settle down with the English tutoring...

Wow Kim, wouldn't it be great if this idea were to spread all over the globe and creative people did this at the same time every year?

Sausage Fingers said...

Well done mate. I have been looking at your work and I must say ...bloody brilliant. I do wish to be as half as good as you one day.
Cheers, Sausage...
ps. do you take a wee dram now and then? it always helps me after a sports shoot

hope said...

Sounds like everyone did a fine job and you DESERVE a few days off for good behavior.

I can wait patiently. I'm good at that...or else I might be unemployed. ;)

David Mark Williams - Poet said...

The project has been an unequivocal success. It must be very gratifying for you after all the hard work you put in (and all the stress you underwent). I can't get over the sheer volume of visitors you had and the number of (quality)photographs you took. There's got to be an exhibition of Facing the Weekend next. Once you've recovered of course!

Frankie said...

Glad to hear everything went well, and I'm looking forward to seeing the photos. All the best Kim, and have a snooze or two over the next few days... you never know it might help you get back on your feet. ; )

Kim Ayres said...

Jayne - I arranged things so the amount of energy I used was minimised, and this appears to have paid off. Nearly a week has passed and I don't seem to be suffering any major fall out, which is a great relief :)

Debra - Maggie did wonderfully well. She had over 700 visitors through and got some wonderful feedback. It was a good wekend for all of us :)

Savannah - another post is in the making :)

Allen - I've been taking it easy this week, although next week might be a bit busier...

Parsnip - it was better than I could have hoped for on so many levels :)

Mrs Pickle - not offended, just mis-matched humour perhaps. I can do gaudy, bawdy stuff, but usually with someone I know. Complete strangers leaping in with it just feels odd. If you usually blog under a different name and this is jsut a different kind of outlet for you then email me privately and we'll have a laugh about it.

Sandy - photos of the studio with all the images up are being processed and will appear in the next post :)

Guyana-Gyal - trying to get round the world to see all the studios in a weekend might be a bit tricky... ;) However, if you decide to create something similar where you live, then I'm happy to pass on any knowledge and advice I have :)

Sausage Fingers - I have a very, very low alcohol tolerance level - even a wee dram makes me woozy, so I usually only have one at new year :)

Hope - next post is being written :)

Mark - thank you so much for all your help on Saturday - it is greatly appreciated :)

Frankie - not been able to catch up on much sleep - my afternoon naps over the past few days have been non-existant as the landlord has been putting new windows in at the back of the house. It will mean less drafts, but it has been noisy...

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