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Dark Humour

As we were leaving the supermarket this afternoon, a guy was collecting for charity with a tin which he rattled in front of everyone at the door.

"Disabled Children?" he said as he thrust the tin forwards.

"No thanks, we've already got one" was the reply that almost came bursting from my lips. Quite where I got that one from I have no idea, but as I was pushing the trolly back towards the car, wondering what kind of twisted humour I possess, I glanced round to see Maggie smirking.

"You were thinking the same thing, weren't you?" I levelled at her.

"Yes" she replied a bit guiltily.

I didn't feel so bad after that.


Natalia said...

I think that is great...dark humour rocks. Sarcsm rocks. And you are a great parent to your it's not like you were being mean about. I would have probably actually said it. :)


Asher Hunter said...

Dark humour is cathartic. It helps us realize that ultimately, all parts of our lives can be laughed at. Laughter gives us power over those things that affect us, but that we are unable to affect.

Asher Hunter said...

Almost forgot: There are numerous used clothing donation bins in Hamilton which read:

"Donations Accepted in Support of Breast Cancer".

Apparently, these people are taking the clothes, selling them, and using the proceeds to somehow infect women with breast cancer.

Either that, or what they meant to say was ""Donations Accepted in Support of Breast Cancer Research".

Gyrobo said...

Why do I get the feeling Monty Python made a skit with that exact dialogue 20 years ago?

sage said...

i chuckled... and enjoyed reading some of your post, especially your thoughts on capital punishment.

Stella said...

ROFL Kim. I can relate and I have been tempted so so many times and Dave actually said it once - we didn't wait for the reaction, just went, giggling on our way.

We have quite a few "bad taste" jokes and quips that we bandy about. Great stress relievers!

LindyK said...

Next time you should go ahead and say it -- see what the tosser has to say back in reply... it's always fun to see what folks like that can come up with off the top of their heads!

Kim Ayres said...

Natalia - I know from your blog that you have a habit of speaking your mind :)

Asher - you're right. It's not quite gallow's humour, but is probably related - younger brother or something

Gyrobo - I don't remember a Monty Python sketch with that in, although if you can find a link to a site (there must be hundreds of MP sites out there) I'd be interested to see.

Sage - thank you, and welcome to my ramblings.

Stella - well I definitely don't feel so bad now. This reaction probably occurs to every parent that's got a child with special needs!

LindyK - tosser's a bit of a strong description - the poor guy was only collecting for a deserving charity

the anti-barney said...

Do you not harbour even a tinge of regret for not saying it ?

Gyrobo said...

I have no idea if this was actually in Monty Python. But that's definitely his kind of dialogue.

michael the tubthumper said...

i know a few hospital doctors and the jokes they tell are screamingly dark.

i think it is their way of coping with the shit they see every day

Kim Ayres said...

Anti-Barney - of course!

Gyrobo - Monty Python wasn't a "he", but a "they"

Michael - I think you're right. As far as I can make out it's endemic in the caring professions.

Naomi said...

LOL - I love it :) Probably what would have gone through my head as well.

MomTah said...

I would have thought exactly the same thing, Kim! I have a really twisted sense of humor. Gets me in trouble sometimes, though, so most times I have to keep in to myself. :-) Thank God my partner Shannon gets me and has a pretty twisted sense of humor herself. If anyone else ever heard us refer to National Domestic Abuse Awareness Month as "Smack Yer Bitch Up Month"...well, I just don't think they'd find it very funny!


Kim Ayres said...

"Smack Yer Bitch Up Month"

That is soooo funny.

Jo said...

I came here because I did think you were a woman, but youre a nice friendly warm humourous guy instead.

An interesting blog. Come visit mine sometime. Its weird and its wacky and its venomously funny sometimes, but hey Ive been to Egypt and I have pics !

Jo, Belfast

Kim Ayres said...

Hi Jo, welcome to my ramblings. Thanks for the warm words and the invite. I've been over, looked around and left a comment. You're welcome back anytime.

And if you're up for explanations, I woudn't mind you exapnding on "I came here because I did think you were a woman" - what were you looking for?

Jo said...

...what was I looking for?

Well, perhaps some of my pic posts might have gone into that one a little less a female blogger who largely deals with subjects that men blog on, (politics, Northern Ireland, Iraq, sex) I pursue apparently female bloggers out of curiosity which is largely intellectual but also a little ;)

Kim Ayres said...

I did wonder :)

Stella said...

Check out what I have written in my blog, YES I have finally posted again.

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