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Attempting a Live Demonstration- and Episode 55 of Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres

In last night's podcast I set about doing a live demonstration to put across a possible solution to one of the entries submitted for the Critique section.

Unfortunately I don't have a studio with lighting and plenty of room – I just do my podcast from behind the desk I have my computer on – so it was always going to be a bit makeshift.

However, using a cardboard box to act as a small table, a cheap flashlight, and tilting the webcam to a different angle, enabled me to show how you could photograph the inside of a partially unrolled tape measure with your mobile phone, more effectively than using a DSLR.

The next problem of getting the photo onto my computer so I could show people how to edit the image took longer, as I don't have a simple solution already in place.

Basically I had to email it to myself, so there are a few minutes of watching me urring and umming and poking the screen on my phone in a not dissimilar way to how your grandparents do it.

However, it worked, and the reactions in the comments seemed to indicate a certain amount of being impressed with the demonstration, while politely not drawing attention to my lack of teenage thumb-style rapidity for operating my phone.

The only slight disappointment was numbers were much lower again last night so there were fewer people to see my moment of genius. On the upside the numbers were lower so there were fewer people to see me embarrassingly jabbing at my phone like a caveman who'd only recently left the stone age.

Meanwhile, enjoy Episode 55 below, where I also give some pretty good reasons why you should always take your photos in colour and edit them afterwards rather than use the black and white settings on your camera...


0:00 - Welcome, what's coming up, greetings and comments
4:38 - The story behind the last of the photos taken at The Open Book in Wigtown
7:38 - The techniques used to create the photo effects
24:07 - Introduction to the Critique section of the podcast
25:20 - Critique of images submitted to the Facebook Group, "Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres"
43:23 - Multiple ways to convert to Black and White
1:02:30 - Live demo with a tape and a torch
1:20:36 - Coming up next week
1:24:10 - End

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