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Comments and Interaction - and Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres - Episode 18

What I really enjoyed in last night's podcast was the interaction.

There was a point where I was talking about how the energy and mood of a photo I created seemed to change noticeably when I reversed the image, even though it was basically just a bunch of trees.

Not completely sure whether this was purely in my own imaginings and other people might be wondering what on earth I was on about, I asked the viewers to give me their thoughts, and a few of them did.

I loved the responses I got: different interpretations; other ways of seeing.

A core part of who I am is a communicator. As discussed in previous posts, I'm also a blether (see Going Off On A Tangent), but that's all part of the same thing.

I like to talk, but that's because I love to share ideas. And for that to happen, I need someone to share them with.

18 episodes in and while it can look like I've settled in to how to present the live podcasts on Facebook to a degree, it's still not that easy only having a webcam to talk to, and not see a responsive face engaging with me.

No nods of agreement, raised eyebrows of scepticism, or bored expressions letting me know I've gone on too long. And of course no talking back – no conversation, no challenges, no anecdotes or alternate viewpoints given.

When I began the Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres podcasts, the idea anyone might start leaving comments felt like just another thing I had to think about while I was already struggling with which button to press and which direction to look in.

But very quickly I came to appreciate that even a "Hi Kim" let me know someone was out there actually listening. So now, at the beginning of each podcast I try and encourage people to leave comments.

Unfortunately I can't see the comments as they happen in real time, as my screens are taken up with all the folders, text and images I need access to, as well as Photoshop and anything else I'm using to demonstrate what I'm talking about.

So throughout the episode I will periodically check in on the comments and respond to them.

With numbers still relatively low as the show goes out live, sometimes there are only one or two greetings, and I can check in a while later and there are no additions.

I can't avoid the wee stab of disappointment, but I dare not dwell on it. This is a live show, and a crestfallen face isn't going to contribute positively. I'm looking for interest and excitement from the viewers, not pity.

So I do a quick mental reminder that more people will watch the recording afterwards, and that it's still early days.

Global domination is probably still a few weeks away yet...


0:00 - What's coming up
2:25 - Finding an old photo but discovering a new story within it.
07:07 - Editing a woodland photo - chasing a mood
28:00 - Critique of images submitted to the Facebook Group, "Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres"
1:21:45 - Coming up next week

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