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Photo shoot at the Rural Mural

Even allowing for things running later than expected, I assumed we'd all be home by midnight. As it was, I didn't finish packing up until 1.30am.

Preparations had been taking place at Morag Macpherson's studio in Kirkcudbright (see previous blog post, Preparations), where Ralph, Jody and Jojo from Basement 20 had been dealing with the hair and makeup of our models, Katarina and Jessica. Now it was time to head out to the location for the photo shoot.

Once on site, tea, coffee and home made flapjack from a hamper, courtesy of my wife Maggie, went down extremely well, then the shoot began.

With models, hair, makeup and video going on, there were 9 of us on site in total, making it was one of the largest shoots I've managed so far. Although it was all extra pressure, I found part of me thrived in the situation. Of course it helped that everyone was extremely professional and engaged in the project.

Here are a selection of some of the final images.

We might have finished later than hoped, but it all worked out in the end.

As an added bonus, here's the short video (under 2 mins) I put together using the footage shot by Jesse and Helen of Viridian Skies, who usually spend their time with astrophotography and night sky tours, but were kind enough to come out and do some filming for me. The music is comes from my band, The Cracked Man, where we took our song, Zero Energy, and added a dance beat. I was surprised at just how well that worked.

Morag is taking part in this year's Spring Fling Open Studio event (this weekend - 28th - 30th May). If you get the chance, do call in - she is studio 20 on the purple route.

Textile Design - Morag Macpherson - -

Models - Jessica Lee -
and Katarina Marie Kositzki - -

Hair and Makeup - Basement 20, Dumfries - Ralph Yates-Lee, Jody Crossan, Jojo Patterson -

Photo shoot took place at - Meiklewood Farm, Ringford, Castle Douglas, DG7 2AL

Rural Mural backdrop - Morag Macpherson and Tellas - - -

Video footage - Viridian Skies - Jesse Beaman and Helen Cockburn - -

Photography and Video editing - me -

Music for video - The Cracked Man - -


Pat said...

I really enjoyed that - all of it. It can't have been easy shooting against that
Backdrop which is a story in itself - but you pulled it off.
I'm thinking about the haircut:)

Theanne Crossett said...

Wow...this is exciting Kim :) I see what you mean about ALL being super professional. The music for the video was perfection. Well done!!! Yeah...I liked the short haircut if could only describe it for my hairdresser. :)

Kim Ayres said...

Pat - I'm glad you enjoyed it - it was a fun shoot with a great team, and I'm really pleased with the results :)

Theanne - Pleased you thought the music worked - I've not received much feedback about it, so had no idea whether I was the only one who thought it was a good idea :)

Email the video link to your hairdresser... ;)

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