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The internet connection is appallingly sporadic. Mostly it isn't there, then it appears for a few seconds - enough for an email to pop through - but then it disappears again before you can open it.

I've set aside the day to respond to a backlog of emails, but after unplugging and plugging back in the router several times and attempting to contact my broadband provider (which prefers me to email, or use online chat rather than call - pretty useless when my internet connection isn't working), I give up and decide to work on something else instead.

I've been meaning to update the front page of my website, perhaps I could...


I know, I could learn how to use that video editing software I downloaded.

Crap! The instruction manual is online.

Never mind, I'll use tutorials on YouTube...


Right. I'll get round to making that book of photos I've been meaning to do for about a year, using the Blurb software. Hmm... why can't I find it on my computer? It seems last time I created a book it was using my old laptop.

I'll have to go to and download the latest...

[insert long line of expletives...]

Sod it - I'll go and watch a movie. There should be something on Netflix I've been meaning to catch up on...



Guyana-Gyal said...

I know exactly what you're going through! I've been there so many times. It is truly awful.

Why is your Internet connection so bad? The weather?

Hindsfeet said...

LOL....oh Kim.... : ) I'd say something consoling, except you'd need internet access to get it.

; )

kiss hug,
Liz ~*

Steven Jaynes said...

I was just in the same place last week, for like four days solid my internet didn't work. The hours I work these days I don't watch normal tv, I get home and all that seems to be on tv is poker so I watch everything online. Or I talk to my wife online, we're in separate countries right now. I didn't realise how much of my world was online now until that was when my world seemed to crash down around me.

Finally I got to talk to real live person, they don't seem to like that these days, and they had me running around doing this and that, most of which I had already tried previously because I'm handier than I thought I was but hey whatever and at the end of all that running around - "well it doesn't seem to be working BUT we'll monitor for two days before we arrange a technican"

Really? Thanks a lot!

It did come back a couple of days later....and then it sporadically disappears, but sporadic is better than non existant, which is what it was telling myself anyway, because somehow that little bit of hope is somewhat more frustrating.

hope said...

My connection just dropped off while I was in the middle of something Saturday. Glancing at the calendar, I simply blamed it on EVERYONE ELSE needing to shop online at the exact moment I wanted to check e-mail. :)

Came back on an hour later. Seems we're all almost too connected to this invisible highway. Hope yours is back up soon enough to read this and not wonder why we're discussing it. :)

Kim Ayres said...

Guyana-Gyal - No idea what it was all about. I did eventually did get through to my broadband provider, but the advisor said it was to do with too many people on the same frequency - she would change the frequency I was on but it could take up to 72 hours to take effect. I came away thinking I'd been given a load of BS. However, whether it was true, or whether it was a covering excuse while they sorted it all out, I now seem to have my connection back again. Phew... :)

Liz - got it eventually :)

Steven - I feel your pain

Hope - the latest XKCD cartoon seemed particularly apt:

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