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Midsummer Music Festival 2014

As the Earth moved to a position in the solar system where the Northern Hemisphere was titled at its peak towards the sun, it meant it was time once again for the Midsummer Music Festival in Gatehouse of Fleet.

I've been attending for a few years now (see Midsummer Music Festival 2011, 2012 and 2013), camera in hand, trying my best to capture some interesting images of superb bands playing live.

This year had the added bonus that 2 of my favourite live performers were both playing at the Festival.

The Friday evening was opened by the superb Sean Taylor. The first time I photographed him was over 3 years ago when he played at The Mill Sessions. He liked the photo so much it ended up on the cover of his next album, Love Against Death. And one of the photos I took of him at the weekend he's asked if he can use for his tour posters

Soon to be used on tour posters

On the Saturday evening, one of the bands was Sparo and The Yahs. Fantastic foot-stomping rock 'n' roll which had half the hall up on their feet dancing about, while their front man strutted his stuff across the stage and at one point leapt down into the crowd, still singing. Regular readers of my blog might remember they too have used one of my photos for their album cover.

It's almost impossible to point the camera at Sparo and not get a great photo

The big surprise for me this year were Stanley Odd, who headlined Friday's line-up. If I'm honest, Scottish hip-hop is not something I would naturally have chosen to go and watch, but singer, Dave Hook, and his band were surprisingly excellent. Lyrics were socially aware and powerful, and the music was great. I felt my musical tastes suddenly expanding.

Hip-hop and high jumping

Below are a selection of some of the other photos I took over the weekend, but you can find the full set on my Facebook Photography page

Friday - click here
Saturday - click here

Sean Taylor

HillBilly Troupe

Stanley Odd

Anyone remember my Tomb Raider shoot with Gina? A year on and she has a wee baby girl with stylish ear defenders (they were pink).

Darcy DaSilver opened Saturday evening's entertainment

Sparo and The Yahs

Captain Zanzibar

Monster Ceilidh Band

For those not following my Facebook feed, there's a companion piece I wrote yesterday on the Galloway Photographic Collective blog where I talk about choosing between colour and black and white when photographing. You can find that here:


hope said...

I do remember your "Tomb Raider" lady...seems your photo worked just the right magic, seeing that pretty little girl of hers.

Kim Ayres said...

Hope - well, I wouldn't want to claim all the credit, but the timing appears coincidental...

Attila the Mom said...

Every time I see your photography I am just stunned again at how much talent you have, Kim.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I was thinking how the music photos look 'tough' then suddenly, there's the one with the mother and baby, and it's so soft.

[I don't know photo-language so I hope you know what I mean].

Kim Ayres said...

Attila - thank you for your kind words - they are warmly appreciated :)

Guyana_Gyal - there are different purposes to photography - sometimes it's about documentation and representation. But for me, the best kind conveys emotions, moods and stories. And of course there are many different emotions, moods and stories to find :)

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