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Eden Festival 2014

Eden Festival was held over the past weekend, and Marcus and I played as The Cracked Man in Rabbie's Tavern (the beer tent) on the Thursday evening.

As the festival didn't really get into full swing until Friday afternoon, the crowd was sparse. And then when Marcus's string broke after the first song and I had to entertain them solo for a few minutes, it became even sparser. However, by the time we reached the middle of our set we were back in our stride and people started to wander back into the tent, and we received plenty of enthusiastic applause by the time we finished.

The Cracked Man, live at Eden Festival - Photo courtesy of Pete of PR Imaging

As a performer, I was given a full weekend pass. As someone who doesn't really like camping and shudders at the idea of festival loos, I decided to head home later that evening.

Nevertheless, I returned on Saturday with my camera to photograph some bands and continue in my ongoing quest to improve my "street" photography.

Far removed from the portrait or staged narrative photography I usually do, photogaphing people as they go about their business, mostly unaware of me, is more akin to wildlife photography.

By the time you have registered that you've just seen something interesting, it's gone. I lost count of the number of times I thought, "damn, that would have made a great photo..." if only I'd had my camera at the ready.

I think the real experts learn to anticipate and gain a feel for what might happen, or set themselves in a position where interesting juxtapositions are likely to occur.

I live in hope that if I do it enough, eventually something will click and my hit rate will dramatically improve.

Below is a selection of photos I was quite pleased with. For the full set of about 30 images, click through to my Facebook album here:

Fellow Galloway Photographic Collective photographer, Allan Wright enjoying a pint

Old favourites, Sparo and The Yahs giving it some good old driving, energetic Rock 'n' Roll

Never did work out what it was she was eating

King Charles playing the main stage. Smoke and back-lighting make an irresistible combination for a photographer

By the light of a food van


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time. Wonderful photographs.
I couldn't figure out what she was eating either.

Pat said...

Well done for keeping your head - when all around are losing their's...

I expect you have reached the stage where your camera is your third hand.

I too loathe public loos.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Will we get a chance again to hear The Cracked Man play?

I had a good laugh at your comparison to wildlife, I know what you mean, I just never thought of it that way.

I especially like the last 3 photos.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Ahh, I've just had a look at those on Facebook. They're good, Kim, I can 'hear' them, 'feel' them. My favourites - the 'pirate' and the girl with the orange wreath on her head [mystery food eater].

hope said...

Yep, the Pirate is my favorite as well. Will you be having a contest to determine what the "Orange Floral" girl is eating? :)

It is like wildlife photography although I did worry that the one young lady glaring at you might charge. ;) Nicely done friend.

Claire Tilley said...

You get such a vibe from these photos. Must have been a wonderful event… full of odd and interesting people. BTW public loos (which we call Johny on the spot) are positively disgusting here… if there is anyway to avoid them I will, carefully walking the fine line of over hydration and dehydrated. I think you are in the majority of public loo haters. Cheers...

Theanne Crossett said...

great shots Kim...if you're still learning then there's hope for me yet :) I must miss about 50 shots a the crows in the big oak tree in the back yard...missed capturing them because...I didn't take a camera with me when I took Baron (k9) out! Or the fantastic shots I miss when I'm driving...I've tried driving and taking photos...I figure the law of averages says that I'm eventually going to have an accident or get stopped by a gendarme...isn't photographing and driving the same as texting and driving :D

Kim Ayres said...

Allen - I think you'd love the festivals with your sketchbook and pen at the ready :)

Pat - apparently when Welsh indie-rock band, Manic Street Preachers, played at Glastonbury in the early 90's, they took their own loos...

Guyana-Gyal - Looks like The Cracked Man is going to be playing at the Wickerman Festival towards the end of July, so if you fancy booking your ticket to Scotland then, you can carry my bouzouki and I'll get you in as a roadie :)

Hope - there's always the chance that some of the wildlife could be dangerous, so a long lens and a bit of distance is advisory... :)

Claire - at the opposite end of the process, some of the Festival Foods can be quite extraordinary. I rather enjoyed a "chipstick", which was a potato cut into one long spiral and skewered on a stick - it was then dipped in batter and deep-fried, and coated with flavourings of choice. No good for your heart or waistline, but incredibly satisfying late in the evening :)

Theanne - you can get some interesting effects if you stick your camera on the dashboard of your car and set it for a long exposure (works best in low light) - and click it while you're driving. If you check the 2nd image in this post you'll see the result of when I tried it :)

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