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Last of the Snowhicans...

This winter has been a disappointment where snow is concerned.

In this corner of South-West Scotland we’ve never had enough to build a decent snowman and the kids haven’t had a single day off school. All over the rest of the country there have been several days of chaos caused by the fluffy stuff. But here, even when we’ve woken up to a white blanket, but lunchtime it’s turned to rain, and slush has dominated the day.

Until today.

The school was closed, roads were closed, few people braved heading out onto the high street.

Castle Douglas high street

My son, Rogan, and I walked up to the supermarket to buy some bread and a few essentials, heads down against the constant blast of snow against our faces. At times I wondered whether we should have been roped together for safety. Until he threw a snowball at me...

It’s been several years since we last built a snowman of any size. In fact I suspect it might be as far back as 2006 when I wrote this post – Snow has arrived in Castle Douglas. Even in the really cold winters a couple of years back when the lochs froze over, the snow was powdery and not suitable for moulding and sculpting.

But today’s snow was perfect: thick, slightly damp and plenty of it

Several inches of the right kind of snow

"How about we create one with a Mohawk?" said Rogan, as we looked out at the garden from the kitchen window.

"You mean a Snowhican," said Maggie.

Well, how could we not attempt to create something as wonderful sounding as a Snowhican?

Last of the Snowhicans

Rogan compares it with his own...

As always feel free to click on any of the images for larger versions

After a combination of a further 24 hours of snow, and the temperature sometimes rising above freezing, the following day the Snowhican was covered in more white fluffy stuff and was leaning like he'd had a few drinks too many...

All day we've been waiting for him to topple, but he just keeps seeming to lean further and further into a gravity defying angle

The Snowhican has continued his leaning, yet not completely toppling, to the point where we are beginning to doubt the laws of physics apply in our garden...

Day 3 and we do a doubletake everytime we look out the window

Amazingly, this morning the Snowhican had still not toppled over, but remained barely an inch or two above the snow.

Day 4 and we kept having to return for another look. However, by late afternoon he finally touched the snow underneath

UPDATE 4 - Day 15
2 weeks later and no further snow yet still the Snowhican maintains some of its shape.


Hindsfeet said...

Kim, all due respect to you and your sweet wife, I've got to tell you, I *love* the new self portrait bordering your blog (at the top)....not a pass, just empirically speaking, *very* hansome photo. Stunning, really. Good choice.

It'll be fun to follow this renaissance of yours.....(shifting focus from writer to photographer-though I *love* your writing, really hope that will remain an active element here, it would be sorely missed -)

Happy weekend to you and your family, Kim...


Anonymous said...

love the snow photos
love the Snowhican
love Rogan's hair


hope said...

We're all in a "love" mood today, as I was thinking how I love the comparison photo of Rogan and the Snohican.

Snow skipped us this year...well, unless you count it's melted form, rain. It's doing that now, icy cold here the first week of "Spring".

Well done Dad! (Did you hurl a snowball back, in self defense?) ;)

Hindsfeet said...


*love* the haunting photo of High Street......*fabulous*.

Anonymous said...

That's so funny! I love the photographs..the progression of Snowhican.

savannah said...

great post and photos, sugar! i've been following Snowhican on fb, but the blog is where it's at! xoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of high street. Reminds me so much of something from a bygone era. Like San Francisco at the turn of the century, you almost expect a trolly to appear. Except for the modern cars, you would never know the difference. The snowhican is awesome... I used to build snow horses with my kids which they would spend hours "riding". Snow can be such great fun, but be thankful you don't get months of the stuff because it does tend to get tiresome!

Hindsfeet said...

love the snowman evolution!!!!

Kim Ayres said...

Liz - you're very good for my ego :)

Theanne - it's not the warmest hairstyle for this time of year, but Rogan's still enjoying having it :)

Hope - of course I threw one back. Indeed on the way back from the supermarket we had quite a snowball fight. He's younger, fitter and more accurate than me, but I'm more experienced and made sure the wind was behind me, therby ensuring my snowballs went further and he was constantly dealing with snow getting in his eyes ;)

Allen - it was an unexpected bonus to be able to keep updating for another 3 days :)

Savannah - Facebook is good for a quick sniff, but blogs are where we savour the flavour :)

Claire - wow, snow horses sounds pretty extraordinary. My snow-shaping skills don't extend that far. Welcome to my blog :)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Every time I read this post, I end up with a big, happy grin, thanks to Rogan pelting his father with a snowball, and the way the family kept up the snowman watch.

Kim Ayres said...

Guyana-Gyal - you can trust Rogan never to miss an opportunity to thorw a snowball at his Dad :)

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