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Midsummer Music Festival 2012

Last weekend was the Gatehouse Midsummer Music Festival. Once again I went along with my camera for a bit of practice at performance photography on the Friday and Saturday evenings.

Low light is the biggest problem. With the performers moving, slow shutter speeds (a technique for letting more light through the lens) aren’t possible as the images will end up blurred. The only other option is to dramatically increase the ISO, which means the images become “noisy” or “grainy.” However, by dropping them into black and white, the grainy quality can help make them look a bit more like music press photos.

Here’s a wee selection of the images I took, but you can find more on my Flickr or Facebook pages here:

Alasdair Roberts

Samba Sene

Finding Albert

Sally Campbell



On the Sunday afternoon, the band I’m in, Scruffy Buzzards, was performing, but as I was playing I was unable to take any photos. If, however, you’d like to keep up to date with Scruffy Buzzards performances along with videos and photos as they appear, then please visit our Facebook page and hit “like”


Pat said...

2. Very dramatic
4. Very real.
5. Young Paul McCartney?
6. Just right.

hope said...

They're all good by the last one is my favorite. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

These came out great despite the low light.

Conny said...

Again, awesome job!!!! And CONGRATULATIONS to 1.000 fans!!!!!

Kim Ayres said...

Pat, Hope, Allen and Conny - thank you for your kind words :)

And yes, somehow I seem to have hit the 1,000 mark with fans, even though Sitemeter tells me less than 4% of them actually visit...

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