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Never Ending Coffee

Some of you might remember back before Christmas I put together a wee animation using the online site, "GoAnimate" (see Animation)

While going through some old notes for the Somewhere to Store Them blog, I discovered a short sketch I'd forgotten all about, but felt it might work using this animation system.

So, if you have 40 seconds to spare, click below.

However, if for some reason it doesn't work (or isn't there), then follow this link instead: Never Ending Coffee by kimayres

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!


savannah said...

THAT was funny! nicely done, sugar! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

still funny ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's funny!

Zena Yarde said...

Hahahahaha This is funny!!

Pat said...

Bugger! It looks fun but until the Tim - man cometh I have no sound. Now I'm mad with curiosity.

Mrs Dibble said...

Love it!!

Kim Ayres said...

Savannah - glad you enjoyed it :)

Theanne - :)

Allen - :)

Zena - :)

Pat - Hope you've had a chance to listen to it now :)

Mrs Dibble - :)

Pat said...

Got it! I t is funny especially as my new speakers give a deep sexy resonance.

Kim Ayres said...

I wish I could lay claim to the deep, sexy, resonant voice, Pat, but it was the standard one on the site. If I want to record my own, not quite so deep, sexy, resonant voice, I have to have paying membership

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