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Free Prize Draw – FAQ

UPDATE: Draw now closed. Winner will be selected within the next 24 hours


I now have half a dozen entries into the free prize draw to have your photo enhanced.

What has become clear is there are all sorts of things I just took for granted, as I knew what I was offering and what I was capable of, but not everyone has the same level of knowledge of what’s going on in my head.

Maggie and I have a babysitter lined up and are going away for 2 night on our own (back Sunday). We can’t remember the last time we had 2 nights together without kids, but suspect it might be 12 years or more.

So for everyone outside my head (and I’m guessing that’s probably everyone) I thought I’d do a few FAQs to help, as I won’t be on hand to answer emails for a couple of days

1. What Prize Draw? What are you talking about Kim?
Please visit the original post – Prize Draw for the Gifty Season for an explanation

2. Is it going to cost me anything?
No, it’s free to enter. One entry per person.

3. Can I use any image I find?
It has to be yours, or one you can be reasonably sure you have permission to use. In other words, photos of you or your friends/family or taken by you friends/family. Please don’t send images you picked off the Internet somewhere as the copyright will inevitably belong to someone else

4. Where do I send my image to?
My email address is on my profile, but if you’re prepared to piece it together, it’s kimayres and I’m at

5. How big should the image be?
If you will only ever use it on your blog, it can be as small as 600 pixels wide. But if you will want to print it – either on paper to make a card or to frame it, or to put on some merchandise thing like a mug, t-shirt or mouse mat, then it needs to be much larger.

Printed photos are usually done at 300 dpi (dots per inch). So an image 600 pixels wide would only be 2 inches when printed. So if you want it 10 inches wide, it needs to be at least 3,000 pixels across.

6. If I win, will my photo be displayed on your blog?
Yes. So if you really don’t want an image to be displayed here, for whatever reason, please don’t enter it

7. What kinds of things can you do?
Glamour, Fantasy, Restoration etc - please visit the original post – Prize Draw for the Gifty Season  for suggestions, although I am open to ideas you might want to explore

8. How will you pick the winner
Using an online random selector

9. When is the deadline for entries?
9am UK time Tuesday 1st December

10. What if I have more than one image, or have images I would like enhanced even if I don’t win?
I have a photo enhancing service – for more details visit or email me

Have a good weekend :)



Pat said...

I'm so excited for you and Maggie.
Have a great break and remember to come back:)

mapstew said...

Enjoy your weekend pal. Myself and Annette are leaving the teenagers on their own for one night, for the first time ever! (Please pray for us to your God of choice!)

We're heading to a lovely hotel in Galway, if we can navigate the floods!


Katie Roberts said...

Enjoy a wonderful time in eachother's company Kim and Maggie. Don't worry bout my pic if you've got enough entries now. Don't think publishing suits us - sorry. Have fun though.

Ché l'écossais said...

*Back from an extended holiday from the internet.*

NOT jail, in case you were wondering.

Enjoy yer weekend big man.

Jimmy Bastard said...

I've packed your clubs for those long stretches between the bedroom activities, and the bars opening.


Kim Ayres said...

No one seemed to notice that Tuesday is not November 30th, so I've changed it to December 1st. Meanwhile...

Pat - I'm home! And we had a wonderful time enjoying a rare 2 days just to ourselves :)

Mapstew - you mean they've got an "empty"? I hope they're sensible enough to clear away the evidence before you get back!

Katie - I have about a dozen entries now, but you are still more than welcome to enter one yourself :)

Ché - he lives!!!

Jimmy - to be hoese, I think the fact that I don't play golf is one of the reasons Maggie and I have lasted so long together :)

mapstew said...

Kim, 'empty' = our 'freehouse'!?

(Parents away, Parteeeeee!)

I'm still searching for stuff outa place!


Anonymous said...

Awesome - glad you had a good time!

Kim Ayres said...

Mapstew - don't search too hard - as long as they've made enough effort...

Shannon - thank you :)

Ché l'écossais said...

I live, and have no other plans at the moment.

It just occured to me I could post a drawing to the contest.
That would be interesting - very web 2.1 collaborative interactive arty (insert more trendy buzzwords here).

Have to find a suitable pic first. Might just do that, if your amenable.

Kim Ayres said...

Ché - well the draw is now closed, but if you want to send a drawing anyway, I'm definitely up for a bit of collaborative interactive arty web 2.1 :)

Entrepreneur Chick said...

I guess you'd know why I didn't enter- but what a great idea!

BTW, you've an award waiting for you at my blog. Lookie!

Kim Ayres said...

Entrepreneur Chick - thank you! I'll be across shortly to take a look :)

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