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Father's Day

I love being a Dad.

I love being a step-dad

I love being a Grandad

On the kitchen wall this morning from Meg


savannah said...

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful Dad! xoxox

Ria said...

Happy Father's Day!!
Thanks for the link to Big Dawg.

Annie said...

All three things I'll never be ;) Have a geat day!

hope said...

Since my Dad is gone, I'll transfer the good wishes for a wonderful day to you. :)

PI said...

Yes you are a very blessed man AND a father of your own.
Is your father's day gift from the family a bit of peace and quiet?

debra said...

What a lovely message to wake up to!
Have a wonderful day full of joy with those you love.
It's Fathers' Day here in the States as well.

Charlie said...

You're a good one, Kim. Happy Dad's Day.

michael greenwell said...

she remembered the 's' in the end then!

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks everyone for your comments - they are really appreciated :)

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