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I'm away for the next week or so. Rogan and I are off on a Road Trip down South, to see relatives, explore some of my childhood haunts and generally do one of those father-son bonding things.

In the meantime, I have finally uploaded the first draft of my new Photography Website, to be found at

There are still more galleries to create, prices to finally work out and probably spelling mistakes to correct.

If you're feeling adventurous, or are one of those people who loves spotting mistakes, please go and have a look and feed back to me.

Grammar, spelling, style, images and concept are all open to criticism - although positive criticism only please. If you just want to slag it off with nothing positive to say, at least have the courtesy to make it witty

General comments can be left here and I'll look at them when I get back. But please feel free to email me with any major thoughts or ideas.

Have a good week, make sure you eat far too much chocolate, try not to crucify anyone and I'll catch up with you soon :)


Jimmy Bastard said...

Safe journey Kim, take care in the hell that is the South.

savannah said...

how exciting for you both, sugar! #4 only girl is arriving here tomorrow night, so im totally into the bonding idea, it's been tfar too long since she came home!!!

sarah said...

looks great Kim! i'd been checking regularly to see if you'd secretly launched it. can't wait until you get the rest of it finalized.

gives me hope that i'll get something put together.

debra said...

Happy Trails, Kim. We're without children for the weekend---the 1st time in 21 yrs. #2 is visiting #1 in New York City.
I'm off to check the new site.

Attila The Mom said...

Wow! Just Wow!

Looked at your "what, no people?" category and was floored by the haunting beauty.

Ok, that sounded really pretentious. LOL

Hurry up and figure out the price structure. Hope there will be an extra-special discount for downwardly-mobile blog buddies. ;-)

Kanani said...

Have a great time. I'll look forward to more photographs!

Naomi said...

Great photos, very professional looking site. Only bit of positive criticism I have is when you're on the home page and you click on one of the pictures I expected to get taken to the gallery, oh and the spacing is slightly off on the galleries page (between the events and food galleries listings), but that's just me being very picky ;-)

Hope you and Rogan have a great time exploring.

Naomi said...

oh, one more, link to Donald Ayres doesn't work, looks like it should be instead :-)

Jupiter's Girl said...

You are the man for me, Kim. I will hold out for a new headshot till you and the family can get to New Orleans. You work is incredible. I loved the "What, No People" section, and then visited the rest. Your portrait work is the best.

Bon voyage.

Eryl Shields said...

Site's great. Have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

If you ever decide to come to south Texas, USA - I would love to book you!!! You are amazing - and I like your style. I have lurked for quite awhile -
found you during research on a book I will write one day for siblings of children with Down's. My brother is 32, has Down's and Autism, lives with me and my husband and 3 daughters - and there still is not any good reference materials for children out there....yet!!
If you ever come to Texas.....
Shannon Sawyer

PI said...

Looks like I missed you:(
The photos cover a wide range and I found them excellent. I'm still salivating over the cake. I'll be back to look some more.

Sandy said...

You're probably gone by now. It is of course vitally important that you get chased by the police at some point during the trip or else you'll have to call it something other than a road trip - have a good time you both.

Photo website looks good - hope it works well and you get loads of business.


Charlie said...

The site is stunning, Kim. I like the "No People" section too: haunting and ethereal. If I had to choose, I'd take the old railroad bridge.

Do you think you'll be getting any clear shots of Nessie?

Kim Ayres said...

Jimmy - thanks - it was great to visit, but there's no way I'd want to live there

Savannah - hope you've had a great girlie time :)

Sarah - I'm home now, so tweaks will be happening once I can think straight

Debra - time alone? Hope you rediscover you still have plenty in common :)

Attila - thank you - pretentious comments are ALWAYS welcome :)

Kanani - thanks :)

Naomi - you're a wonder! Thank you for taking the time to check those links :)

Jupiter's Girl - so glad you like the images :)

Eryl - thank you :)

Shannon - welcome to my ramblings and thank you for taking the time to comment :) Do you have a blog of your own?

Pat - thank you so much for taking the time to meet up. I'll be posting about it in the next day or two if you're ok about it :)

Sandy - not sure whether I was caught by a speed camera - does that count?

Charlie - I'm sure I could probably construct something in Photoshop...

rashbre said...

Enjoyed a look around your photosite. Some insipring photos there!

Tara Marie said...

ahhhh...wonderful site!!! I'm so excited to watch your photography grow and expand. What a treat to the eyes and mind you capture in still.

Kim Ayres said...

Thank you Rashbre and Tara Marie :)

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