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Things to do


Fall in love

Have beautiful children

Become a famous author

Become a millionaire

Rule the world

Put the bin out



Carole said...

The two most important things you have done. Excellent job.

Eryl Shields said...

Get that bin out (it's not so hard I do it all the time) and you'll be half way through your list. Not bad at all!

karatemom said...

The first two are really the only things that matter.
I know you already know this.

If today was your last day you wouldn't be thinking of your writing , you wouldn't be thinking of money, you wouldn't really care what else was happening in the world you certainly wouldn't care about the garbage.

You would care only of your wife and your children and how lucky a man are were to have them.

My "things to do" only really has one thing I want to see before I die.
I want to see my boys grown up and that they are happy, caring, self confident, productive men. I would be happy with my contribution to their lives. Nothing else would give me more piece and happiness.

Phil said...

I have to get the bin out also. though I feel the need to wait until the wind dies down.


Sam, Problemchildbride said...

I wonder how many authors do become millionaires. It seems a lot of millionaires become authors at any rate, explaining how they came to be millionaires.

Restaurant Gal said...

The perfect to-do list--the best completed first, the least important waiting to be done last, and the dreams still waiting for accomplishment in the middle.

Carole said...

What does put the bin out mean? Everyone else seems to know. I was hoping I would get a contextual comment somewhere along the line, but no...nothing has helped so I need to show my ignorance.

Kim Ayres said...

Carole - to put the bin out is to take the garbage (rubbish bin) out for collection.

Eryl - You don't get Stevie or Bob to do it? I was always told it was the man's job to put the bin out, like carving the Sunday Roast or taking control of the BBQ

KarateMom - if today was my last day, I'd probably be trying to think up something witty to put on my blog...

Phil - a heavy body in the bottom of the bin should stop it from blowing over. Do you have a large neighbour you need to dispose of?

Sam - Did you ever read my post "Wealth Beyond Measure"?

Restaurant Gal - herein lies the difference between "important" and "urgent"

Archivalist said...

Snow has buried our 'bins.' Call in the St. Bernards!

PI said...

As everybody has said: 2 out of 5 'aint bad and they are the vital 2.
Would you really want to be a millionaire?
IMO it's more than enough and, over the years, I have come to believe that enough is fine.
I'd like to be a respected author but fame is too big a price to pay.

Brave Astronaut said...

I'm glad you're older than me. We seem to be on similar paths, so I can emulate you.

So if you'll agree to half the world, I'll have the other and we can bring the world to their knees. But, let's keep that to ourselves. Don't want anyone to think we're up to no good.

But doesn't one of the reasons to have children is so they can start taking the trash out?

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Ah, so that's my problem. I've been working on the world domination all this time I haven't even started on the other things. Now I know :)

Stella said...

I agree, you have the important ones done and c'mon the bin is "doable", no. 3 is possible, no. 5 scares me and remember your blogging friends if no. 5 comes true ;-)

Canadian Girl said...

Your list is remarkably similar to mine, but I have "wash dishes" instead of "put bin out".

I appear to be following in the footsteps of Brave Astronaut: my oldest child is in charge of the weekly bin chore.

Restaurant Gal said it well: of all the items on your list, you've already achieved the most important.

Kim Ayres said...

Archivalist - at least the cold weather should stop everything from smelling bad

Pat - I'll respect your opinion on fame, but I wouldn't say no to a few extra quid

Brave Astronaut - very true - as my mother used to say "you don't have a dog and bark yourself"

FLG - I'd like to think the order was unimportant, but if you can hear your mother shouting that you're not allowed to conquer the word until the garbage has been taken out, then you might have to rearrange your priorities

Stella - Well if I do get to rule the world, I'll need a legion of writers to praise my every thought and decision.

Canadian Girl - "empty washing basket" is another

The Birdwatcher said...

Bring bin in again?

Kim Ayres said...


CamSavWin said...

I get the bin out. How do I get the Eldest Son to bring it back in?

Also, any advice on moving toward world ruling? I'm just taking the baby steps...

Kim Ayres said...

CamSavWin - eldest son and bin - you might have to resort to extortion, blackmail or threats of violence. If all else fails, threaten to set up and post baby pictures of him peeing in the bath.

As for Global Domination, it requires similar tactics, but on a larger scale

Jeff said...

Dude, I know you can some how take the bin out so you can cross that one off....the rest we gotta work on....


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