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Funniest post?

I've been meaning to post a follow up to the last one all week, but had no choice in the matter...

Meanwhile, I've become aware of an opportunity to submit a proposal for a 15 minute radio comedy show - any style - and I would need to include up to a 5 minute mp3 file of me being funny. Closing date Sunday.

As I have nothing to lose, I thought I could record one or two of the best blog entries, but I wouldn't mind a bit of feedback as to which one(s) might be best to go for, so for anyone who's familiar with my back catalogue of entries, your suggestions would be welcome in the comments.

I could either send one of the longer ones or a series of shorter ones, so long as I don't go over 5 minutes.

My personal short-list is:

First Pig Suicide Bomber
Rights of Manhood
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Odeon Cinema Automated Telephone Enquiry Line
Sports Day - the Rerun
The Messiah Complex
Mosquito Coil
Not a Mary Shelly Experience
And I'm Not Looking Forward to the Journey Home
Life Lesson #2375
Stopped by the Police

But I would welcome any constructive feedback or suggestions.


quinn said...

well..of course the funniest would be life lesson #2375.......

We have all been there at one time or another and that is what makes it something we all can relate to and see the humour in. Many of us not only found humour in picturing you in this situation but it caused us to reflect on our own funny moments of such.

p.s. i hate word verification cause I always get the letters wrong and it takes me 2 or 3 tries LOL>
Deffinately a good choice..and it gets my vote.

PI said...

I read the 'Mary Shelley' as i have literary aspirations and - as a grand-mpother - found it sounded a great idea. Must catch up on the rest.

merle said...

I was looking through your choices, making my shortlist, but as soon as I got to "And I'm Not Looking Forward to the Journey Home" I had to stop. There is only one winner for me, you've got many good stories there, but I just love that one.

merle said...

I really like Harry Potter, Sports Day, The Messiah Complex and Stopped by Police stories too, as you can see I like the longer ones.
Sorry couldn't stop myself.

Binty McShae said...

Th etrain journey one and the police one... maybe they just stick out because they're recent, but they make me laugh!

Dr Maroon said...

Do something new.
It'll be fresher.
Keep it to 4 minutes MAX.
Best three jokes at the start.
Good joke at the end.
Witty in the middle.
You've got three days.
Stop reading this.

Kate said...

I really like Suicide Pigs, Sports Day and Mary Shelley. However, I do think any of the other choices would be good too, the three I chose are simply the ones that I could indentify with.

Good luck! I've got everything crossed for you.

Andraste said...

My favorite, of course, is the Harry Potter one. Of course. Though ACK may be right about coming up with something new...

Stella said...

"And I'm not looking forward to the journey home" and #2375 are my favourites.

Anonymous said...

I've read through them and laughed hard at Harry Potter because I know so well how you felt. But like Dr M said, you seem a resourceful gentleman. I think you could top them all with something new.

Sarah said...


hilarity at it's finest!

“I hate booster seats!” (hehehe)

SafeTinspector said...

I like voyage home and pig suicide bombers.
I have "beware the starswine" stuck in my head for similar reasons.

fatmammycat said...

'And I am not looking forward to the journey home.' That one, pick that one!

Jupiter's Girl said...

I have spent the morning reading all of the choices you have provided. I had read some of them previously and my first choice before reading the ones I hadn't was "Messiah Complex". That was very good. Then, I had to laugh after reading "Rights of Manhood". I totally related to that. I back away from the technology around my house and leave it for the menfolk to reckon with. My almost 14 year old son hooked up my new DSL - which I am pretty sure I could have handled.

I finished "Sports Day" last and loved it too. I tried out for cabbage ball when I was 12. I don't know what I was thinking. I had horrible hand-eye coordination and was afraid of the ball. I got bonked more times than I could count.

Still, either something new or "Messiah Complex". Use your free will to make the choice.

Kim Ayres said...

Many thanks to you all for your feedback. Clearly there's a range of opinions about what constitutes the best entries.

With this in mind I decided to string together 3 or 4 of the shorter ones and create some linking snippets and have spent the day recording it. I figured that this way it gives a wider picture of my style.

Once I know whether I've been invited to the next stage or not I'll post up the mp3 file I created.

For those who suggested I create something new, I did try, but as I only found out a few days ago about this opportunity I wasn't able to come up with anything better than I'd listed.

Thank you again for your kind support :)

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