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Laptop in the garden

This past week has been stunningly warm and sunny. It's so good for the soul.

For some time now, in fact ever since I set it up at the end of last summer, I've wondered whether the WiFi broadband connection would stretch out as far as the garden, allowing me to take the laptop out the back and read/type/blog on the lawn with the sun on my back and the birds singing in my ears. However, I've never gotten round to finding out, until today, that is.

Lo and behold it does. I was able to get a good clear signal pretty much all the way up to the back of the garden. Although I only discovered this by taking off my shirt and throwing it over my head and the laptop.

If I sit with the sun at my back then I cannot see the screen because of the glare. However, if I sit facing the sun, then all I can see in the screen is my reflection. And if I sit under the tree in the shade, even if I didn't have the worry about bird poo falling from above, it's still to damn bright for me to see anything.

Pah! All this fantastic weather and I still have to blog indoors.


Foot Eater said...

You could always smear some of the bird poo on the screen to reduce the glare a bit.

34quinn said...

how about a small table and umbrella or even a beach umbrella the kind that attaches to the arm of a chair.
you could then sit and position the sun on your back the umbrella to block both the glare and the inevitable bird poop.
Although , it is considered very good luck if a bird poops on your head.

Kim Ayres said...

Foot Eater - I think I can see a flaw in your proposal...

34Quinn - sounds like a degree in engineering would come in handy.

I have heard about it being lucky if a bird poops on your head, but have my doubts as to whether it's lucky if it poops on your laptop.

JanMauzy said...

I guess I would just say, thank you Maggie for providing such a wonderful garden so that I might try to blog about by it in some fashion- from another gardener

SafeTinspector said...

You need a cortical implant. Or a hood.
Or a smoke generator. Around here we call THOSE obscurants

Its cold, rainy and miserable hereabouts. Besides, I blog only in the evening and early morning.

Cherrypie said...

I was hoping you might have a cure for the sun glare problem which I too have encountered. I need a handsome man to stand behind me with a large parasol whenever I wish to blog outside. Could you not ask Mrs Kim to do the same?

Kim Ayres said...

Janmauzy - absolutely right!

SafeTinspector - cortical implant sounds good - very "Terminator"

Cherry Pie - I think if I asked that then I'd end up sleeping in the shed!

St Jude said...

Behave yourself stop moaning, you know you love it really.

I'm just jealous, garden, sewage etc!!

Kim Ayres said...

You're right. I don't really like writing moaning and complaining blogs. And compared to your raw sewage problems I really have nothing to complain about.

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