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2005 was a year of great change, again. The difference for us this time is that it was changes of our own making. We moved house, changed our lifestyle, changed our careers and started eating healthily, as we set out to improve the quality and direction of out lives.

There is no doubt that our lives are considerably better than they have ever been, but it does not stop here. In many ways we have just been clambering to the starting point. As well as the changes and upheavals, 2005 was largely about healing, about recovering from some of the traumas of the past few years, about feeling that our lives could be worthwhile.

Now we have the opportunity to build on that. This year I will develop the writing and really make a go of it, and Maggie will grow and develop her textile art.

It’s New Year’s Day; at this moment in time it is sunny outside; and the future is bright, because we are creating the future we want.

If you don’t like the life you have, then make the decision to start on the path that will change it for the better.

I wish you the best and brightest of years to come!


Belovedlife said...

Happy new year kim! Here's to an even better year this year...

Dr Maroon said...

"A guid new year, tae ane an' a',
And mony may they be...."
Robert Burns

"is there money in the box?"
"naw ahm in here masel'"
Billy Connolly

I'm a bit gassed, but awake.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you Kim as well!

Belly said...

Kim, A Happy and Joyous New Year to you and your family!

Take Care!

Gyrobo said...

A glorious new haydecade to you all!

El-Branden Brazil said...

Happy New Year to all the Ayres and their offspring! May the mandolin continue to twang on into the coming months!

Asher Hunter said...

I'm very glad to read that things are up for you Kim. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Stella said...

Happy New Year Kim!

Kim Ayres said...

Thank you Belovedlife, Dr Maroon, Rebecca, Belly, Gyrobo, Branden, Asher and Stella!

Gyrobo said...

As is American Robot tradition, I will now set fire to my skull.

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